Four Techniques To Improve Your Singing Voice

With any instrument, including your voice, practice makes perfect. Whether you’re a novice to taking lessons or looking for some tips, these techniques are a sure-fire way to improve your singing.

Enunciate Your Words
It may seem straightforward, but if you are mumbling or leaving syllables out of the lyrics, the song will catch up with you. If you’re singing a cover of a song, the simplest solution is to listen to the original artist’s pace. Hear and take notice of when they’re breathing, pausing, and work at pronouncing the words in the same way.

If the song is an original piece and not a cover then your job is difficult. Think about the lyrics and the emotions that the song brings out of you. Use other musicians as references for the words, but your own dynamics will play a big part.

Sing Loud and Proud
It’s easy to feel self-conscious when first starting out or up on a big stage in front of a crowd. Many novices tend to be too quiet when they begin performing, getting stuck in their heads about their abilities. Overthinking while singing is one of the biggest performance killers.

Plenty of musicians make mistakes while in front of an audience– it happens! We’re only human, and that type of behavior is expected every once in a while. The most important thing to do in that situation is to stick your head up high, dust off your shoulders, and keep singing.

Add Resistance to Achieve Higher Notes
When singing through an octave, think about how an elevator works. A huge, massive weight is attached to a pulley. As the conveyor moves up, the weight shifts down.

Add resistance to your voice as you’re singing up the scale. Think about trying to push the note even higher.

Be You
One of the most important things to remember is to sing in your own voice. If you try to mimic the sound of another artist instead of the melody, you’ll never be able to correct the notes within your range. That type of improvement comes with time, but if you never hear yourself, you won’t be able to fix it.